Hanging Umbrella


Red Round Hanging Umbrella With Steel Structure Diam: 3m

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About this item :
Dimensions: Diam 3m
Color : Red
Material: Steel structure & polyester fabric
Hanging umbrella diam 3m with crank, pole 48mm
Premium construction: from design to material selection and manufacturing to customer service, core value is reliability and trust. our high standards allow us to provide a world class experience for each and every one of our customers.
Enhanced stability: umbrella has sturdy iron ribs and thick pole which ensure stability during light weather conditions.
The tilting joint is composed of and has a metal-cover hinge of added support. to keep the canopy in place, we have installed a velcro attachment to secure the canopy to the pole.
This will help stabilize the canopy in case of excess wind.
Durable Canopy: materials so you can enjoy our products.
Here we are confident to provide an color fastness for the canopy.
Functional hanging umbrellas are designed with the customer in mind.
We created an easy-to-use system th


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