180cm Artificial 2-Trunk Banana Tree with 16 Shiny Leaves


Artificial Banana Tree

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Elevate your space with the grandeur of our Artificial 2-Trunk Banana Tree. Standing tall at 180cm, this striking decorative piece features two lifelike trunks and 16 glossy leaves that exude a sense of tropical opulence. The shiny leaves add a touch of sophistication, making it a perfect statement piece for home or office decor.

Key Features:

  • Height: 180cm (1.8 meters)
  • Two Trunks for Added Realism
  • 16 Shiny Leaves for a Luxurious Appearance
  • Maintenance-Free and Durable
  • Captivating Focal Point for Any Room

Create an oasis of style with this artificial banana tree that brings the beauty of nature indoors. Whether you’re enhancing your living space or adding a touch of greenery to your workplace, our 2-trunk banana tree is sure to command attention and admiration.

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